Our Story

SafeGram Story is very simple, we had a vision in 2019 and we are here to make it happen! SafeGram have the biggest ecosystem in the world of decentralized finance and we are here to make a difference in the world of finance and crypto payment systems! We want to thank you for the continuous support!

We See The Future of Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance and crypto payment systems are here to stay!

The current global payments infrastructure does not meet today’s business or consumer demands. Having the power of blockchain and digital asset technology, everyone can dramatically improve the speed, cost and reliability of how we interact around the world while having custody and ownership of their own assets/cash/products.

What make us Unique

Our platform has various products, from a Launchpad to help other crypto projects raise capital, to the first social exchange in the world where you will be able to sell almost anything for crypto with zero fees or send money with our brand new developed dapp to a loved one using $Gram Token.

Social exchange

A social exchange is mixture of Onlyfans + ebay projects  where you will be able to sell any type of product or content with zero fees! You will make 100% of the profits while having 100% ownership of anything you are doing in our platform.


Our launchpad is the first semi automated launchpad in the Binance Smart Chain, you will have multiple layers of projects, from financial projects to meme tokens you will be able to raise capital with us while assuring your investors liquidity locked and protection to any kind of malfunction or scams.

Money Remittance / Cross border payments

The first full developed app using crypto to cash in the money remittance business! Using the system of “people to people” you will be able to send money to friends and family withing seconds! (conditions apply) (some countries will not be able to operate with our app)

Decentralized Exchange

The first Decentralized Exchange with zero fees for swap any token using or holding $Gram in your wallet! We are the competition of pancakeswap and we are here to take over the Decentralized world powered by Binance Smart Chain! Our Decentralized exchange also offer a limit/order bot that you can use free of charge if you hold a certain amount of $Gram tokens.



Expand Your Reach

Together, we are working towards a future where developers are empowered

to build faster and lower cost payments technology into all apps